The pitch

Our main character, Saitama, is a bald, unemployed 25-year-old, who does not seem to have much for him, like that, especially with his often jaded head and the way he lives. in his appartment.

But there is a tiny detail that changes the game a little bit. Just a little bit. In fact, he is overpowered. So powerful that only one punch is enough to defeat all the monsters and super-villains that tumble out of nowhere to ravage entire cities. This incredible strength, he acquired after three years of training so intensive that he lost his hair.

And suddenly, Saitama, well he plays the superheroes to kill time. Like that.

The birth of One-Punch Man in Japan
At the origin of the phenomenon One-Punch Man, we find an online manga published on his personal website by a person named ONE since June 3, 2009. From its first years of existence, this title seduces a lot of Japanese readers to the point of quickly accumulating several million visits to the site to even exceed ten million. According to NHK, at one time the manga attracted 20,000 visits per day!
Such a nice beginning of the phenomenon could not remain very long without attracting the publishers and other artists, and so Yûsuke Murata, mangaka then himself fond of the work of ONE, starts in collaboration with the latter a professional manga adaptation and better drawn (the initial drawing of ONE being minimalist). One-Punch Man version Murata x ONE starts in Japan on June 14, 2012, and even pays the luxury of inaugurating a new magazine: the Tonari no Young Jump, an online derivative of the Jump team of Editions Shûeisha, categorized seinen, and that we also know in France for the comedy Père Fouettard Corporation of Hikaru Nakamura.
Since then, the series continues globally at a very steady pace, with generally two chapters per month on average, not counting various bonus chapters. Since its inception, the series has almost always been entitled to a new hardcover every 4 months, even if the delay sometimes goes up to 6 months, which remains very regular. To date, the work has 18 volumes in his country of origin, the 19th volume is scheduled on April 4, 2019.
Note that One-Punch Man was nominated for the 2014 Manga Taishô Award.

A success in anime

The manga landed in France in January 2016 and was one of the biggest launches ever seen in manga in our country, but a few months before, in 2015, the French public could already discover the work by the simulcast of the animated adaptation, via the DNA platform. A version produced by Madhouse studio and directed by Shingo Natsume, an animator who has worked on many titles and who directed Space Dandy before, or more recently Boogiepop and Others. Since then, the anime has also recently joined the Netflix catalog, where it trustees the first places in the animation catalog. Is it necessary to say that this animated series has met with enormous worldwide success and that it has largely contributed to the popularity of the work?

A success in anime

This 12-episode series was originally broadcast in Japan between October and December 2015 on TV Tokyo. In the autumn of 2016, the publisher Kazé released it in physical version, in DVD and in Blu-ray, first of all in collector’s edition. An imposing box, an integral that has aroused some expectations as a particular communication was made around its dubbing. But that, we will have the leisure to return to it later. Such a series deserved an exceptional edition. Often, Kazé is very classic in its packaging, it is even common that the publisher offers the union minimum on securities with limited commercial potential. But One Punch Man shines like their goose that lays the golden eggs and with the expectations that surrounded this physical edition, the specialist publisher worked hard and designed an edition that did not betray his ambitions. It is therefore a rigid box in a format larger than usual that is proposed to us, a box whose magnetic opening seals content that is very well embedded in the space provided for: the digipack that hosts the discs , an excerpt from the first volume of the manga and two metal plates with the effigy of Saitama and Genos, nice goodies that are rarely seen in Japanese animation kits in France. The galettes themselves are not stingy in content: the integral of this first season in VF and VOSTFR, the six short OAV that surround him as well as various interviews of the staff all interesting. Since then, more light editions have been released, in June 2018.

In a small supplement, note that in 2017 we had the chance to interview Chikashi Kubota, the character designer and director of the animation series. You can always find this interview by following this link, and discover some interesting information.

One-Punch Man will be doing very, very soon the news in anime, with the arrival at the beginning of April 2019 of his season 2, which was obviously eagerly awaited, and which will also be broadcast in France for free on ADN . A second season that will follow feverishly, since the staff is completely changed compared to season 1, and the first images and videos have not reassured at all … Let’s hope that the result will live up to expectations , but no doubt that we will have the opportunity to come back to it in a future second file …